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Driving instructors at STEER'NGO for driving courses in Ottawa are familiar with the challenges that you will face while driving in Ottawa. Our safe driving course will teach you everything you need to know about learning how to drive, parallel parking, 3-point turns, hill parking, flow, congestion, roundabouts, highway and freeway driving, and more. We will show you how to drive using safe driving techniques so that you can drive defensively and pass your road test. Using our Approach, we will show you how to drive safely and confidently.

Only STEER'NGO Driving School teaches novice drivers how to drive using the four habits and 20 sub-habits to see all possible risks on the road and minimize crash risk. Our driver's education program and driving courses in Ottawa will help you complete your road test and get your driver's license. As Country's top driving academy, we agree that your driving lessons must include defensive driving strategies and tactics to keep you in complete control of your vehicle. Risk awareness, gravel shoulder recovery, head-on collision avoidance, threshold/ABS braking, emergency braking, stop and avoid tactics, and rear crash avoidance are all taught by just STEER'NGO Driving School instructors.

We are spacing the lessons out enough that you can practice in them because practice is the only way to improve at any skill. We believe that you are our responsibility when you go on the road, so we have to make sure your whole training is satisfying. This reinforces what we have been teaching. Since successfully completing the STEER'NGO Driving School of Canada scheme, G1 license holders will be able to take their road test in eight months instead of 12 months. Graduates of our Qualified STEER'NGO Driving School can also qualify for a discount in insurance premiums. There is no other driving course Ottawa that can have a better insurance discount.

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