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  • Highly experienced, Great Attitude and Friendly environment. Always improving and implementing new techniques and methodologies for the in class sessions.

    Mahmoud S. Jaber
  • My time at steer'n Go was amazing Bassam my instructor was super professional, very fast to reply and was amazing with course support. He taught me all my driving essentials and without him I don't think I would've passed my G2 test. He made the entire process a breeze. Always on time and in a good mood. He explained the process of what happens on your road test and what to do when you get there. The vehicle was clean and small so that you're able to ace the essentials to take them to your car.

    Nicholas Bellefeuille
  • My experience at Steer'ngo Driving School was very good, it was very fun and educational, we played many games and had a lot of activities. It was easy to keep up and understand. We also had catering brought in for the last day!!! : )))

    Ebaa Elshahry
  • I just wanted to say how thankful I am for you. Driving has had a big impact on my life, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me work on my anxiety. You taught me to keep going. Every time I was in the car with you I felt like I could do anything. you are the best teacher out there. Thank you for all that you have done.

  • Emma enjoyed doing the training with you and found you very fair and helpful, I am a teacher and have students have said a lot of negative things about their instructors.........so that says a lot about your agency and your services. I will – and have recommended you.

    Emmas F.'s mother
  • Thank you so much Bassam!!!! This brought such a huge smile to my face :) you were such an amazing instructor and I feel like I can conquer anything because of you!

    Alexandra K
  • Hi Bassam! I could just cry I'm so happy! Kenzie was so comfortable with you and said you are a fabulous Instructor. I'm so glad we got connected with you.

    Mackenzie G.'s Mother
  • I passed!!! Thank you for teaching me, you are totally the reason I passed!!

    Gabby F.
  • High quality experience, and great prices

    Eman Farhat
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